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Becoming a Sponsored Tutor

What is a Sponsored Tutor?

A sponsored tutor is a qualified tutor who meets the Connecting Concepts Tutoring (CCT) standards, including:

  1. Proficiency in academic subjects supported by credentials and resume

  2. Demonstration of effective communication skills based on a video interview

  3. ​Completion of an official background check

Held at the same high standards as our tutors, our sponsored tutors have the CCT stamp of approval and will have all the tools necessary to succeed with the Sponsored Tutor Membership!

What comes with the 
Sponsored Tutor Membership?


  • Connecting Concepts Tutoring (CCT) Business Email Address

  • National Tutoring Association Membership with many additional perks here, including discounts to become a certified tutor

  • Discounted background check to provide to future customers

Online Tools & Resources

  • Microsoft Teams Business for video conferencing

  • Online Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and More)

  • Access to 500K+ textbooks, academic, and non-fiction titles through Perlego

Exclusive Network

  • Private network with other CCT Sponsored Tutors, Tutors, and Employees through Microsoft Teams for support and connectivity (in-development)

  • Access to our growing repository of lesson plans and other documents in our internal Google Drive (in-development)

Quick Steps to Membership (Before Purchasing Below)

1. Submit an application on the
Join the Team page

(click here)

2. If accepted, we will arrange for you to receive a discounted background check

3. You are now eligible to become a member and are fully equipped to tutor

Disclaimer: The Sponsored Tutor Membership does not provide you with students or create an employee-employer relationship between you and CCT; however, it does provide you with essential tools for success as a tutor. With that being said, our Sponsored Tutors are the first tutors we consider if hiring a CCT Tutor. 

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