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How to Maximize Your Child’s Success

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

While studying hard and doing a lot of practice problems are essential to your child’s academic achievement, there are other factors that impact their ability to learn. For instance, exercising and eating well will help your child stay healthy, while improving their focus in school. If your child does not prioritize their wellbeing, they will not reach their optimal academic performance. So, as your child continues to hit the books and utilizes the best resources available, make sure that you are taking into account these other essential aspects that will contribute to their success.

Exercise Daily

Be sure to have your child exercise each day. The CDC recommends that a child engage in about an hour of daily activity. Encourage your child to play out in the backyard or even gather the other neighborhood kids for a soccer game. Better yet, make it a family affair and take the family for a walk around the block each evening! Having your kids exercise improves their attentiveness, concentration, and motivation to learn.

Eat Nutritious Foods

As you have heard time and time again, your health is your wealth. The more nutritious your child’s meals, the better they will learn! Make sure that your child is eating lots of fruits and vegetables to obtain the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies require. How do you make eating healthy a fun and enjoyable experience? Try to integrate vegetables into their favorite smoothies, make slightly healthier substitutions for the things they love and, most importantly, get them involved in the process! Have your child help cook their meals; Let them be the sous-chef a few nights a week!

Get Adequate Amounts of Sleep

Though this number varies depending on their age, children require approximately 10 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is critical for your child’s ability to retain what was learned that day and consolidate their memories. Consider setting a specific time for them to get cozy in their pajamas, wash-up and brush their teeth, and be consistent with this! Maybe even end each night off with a soothing bedtime story to ensure a restful night’s sleep. This will keep them on track to getting a restorative amount of sleep at night.

Engage in Self-reflection

Have your child track their progress and reflect on what they learned during the day. They could do so by journaling or verbalizing their thoughts to you. Have them think about what they could improve on and also celebrate their educational successes, no matter how small, each day. This can also extend beyond what they have learned in the classroom; Encourage your child to self-reflect on all areas of their lives! This will ensure your child thoughtfully and confidently tackles the challenges they may face as they learn.

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