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We ask you to please share a link to a Google Drive Folder that has your resume and a short video. This will help us directly prioritize you as a candidate and will save you time in the overall interview process!

Resume and Video Interview Instructions:

  1. Create a folder on Google Drive named “[Your Full Name] CCT Interview”

  2. Upload resume to folder

  3. Upload a video (1-5 mins) to folder addressing the following:

    1. Introduce yourself

    2. Why do you want to be a tutor at Connecting Concepts Tutoring?

    3. How would you approach teaching someone a new concept?

  4. Share the folder by copying the shared link and pasting link into form on


Quick solution if having trouble recording video (works best with Google Chrome browser):

  1. Install this add-in for Google Drive

  2. In Google Drive Folder click New, More, Video Recorder

  3. Follow recorder to record and upload

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