We ask you to please share a link to a Google Drive Folder that has your resume and a short video. This will help us directly prioritize you as a candidate and will save you time in the overall interview process!

Resume and Video Interview Instructions:

  1. Create a folder on Google Drive named “[Your Full Name] CCT Interview”

  2. Upload resume to folder

  3. Upload a video (1-5 mins) to folder addressing the following:

    1. Introduce yourself

    2. Why do you want to be a tutor at Connecting Concepts Tutoring?

    3. How would you approach teaching someone a new concept?

  4. Share the folder by copying the shared link and pasting link into form on contutoring.com


Quick solution if having trouble recording video (works best with Google Chrome browser):

  1. Install this add-in for Google Drive

  2. In Google Drive Folder click New, More, Video Recorder

  3. Follow recorder to record and upload